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Earthquake Explorer is an easy to use application for exploring earthquake data from the US Geological Survey. Explore the earthquakes across the globe, search by magnitude and filter by date. Most similar applications are limited to the data in the existing feeds from the USGS - Earthquake Explorer stores data in the cloud-based back-end. Download an animated USGS Earthquakes KML Feed. Open the KML using Google Earth. Select the earthquake feed, in the left navigation. Use the time slider, in the upper left hand corner of the map, to animate the series of earthquakes. You may also click through the animation one frame at a time. For more information on how to use the time slider.

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Want Free Earthquake App To Install

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Want Free Earthquake App To Install Windows

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Earthquakes Meter allows you to track all earthquakes around the world and gives you the chance to better prepare for and respond to possible emergencies.
The average speed of Seismic waves (waves that travel through the Earth or other elastic body) is about 2 to 8 km/s. Each recorded event includes the time of the event, magnitude, depth, and mapped location. The map can be switched between satellite, hybrid, or map views.
The default refresh rate is 10 minutes, but you can reduce this to 1 minute.

Last updated: 31-July-2013

Version: 3.1

File size: 138.13 KB

Price: Free

Support operating system: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008


Earthquakes Meter Version 3.1 Download Now (.exe) Hosted by AVG

Earthquakes Meter Version 3.1 Download Now (.zip)

Release history

Version: 3.1 - Fixed support U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

Version: 3.0 - Added ability to change text color.

- Added ability to change page.

- Added ability to change data row from settings.

- Improves loading data.

- Fixed auto update notifier bug.

Version: 2.2 - Added ability to change flyout background and text color.

- Added digital signature.

Version: 2.1 - Fixed white box with the < problem.

Version: 2.0 - Added sound alert.

- Added support European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC).

- Update USGS information page.

Version: 1.2 - Fixed many bugs.

Version: 1.1 - Added Google Map marker.

Version: 1.0 - Initial release.

Write Your Review

Richard Hunter
7:59 am
What's Shaking
Great App, and they keep improving it. This is one of the few gadgets I have installed on my machines. It would be even better if it could link to the seismogram for the event as an option to display. The only downside is when an upgrade is available, uninstall the old one first, then do the upgrade.

Luis Fernandez
7:38 pm
Structural engineer Great APP
I'm Structural engineer. This APP is very useful. But I need put my own USGS/EMSC magnitude ( p.e. USGS 5+), or use both information. I use for the last 2 years. In conclusion fantastic application.

Felix Lohitai
9:47 pm
Seismology 101
This app is the one and only little thing that can keep your eyes on the unpredictable nature of our mother earth. i love it and a must for all to install.

Noel Keefer
9:47 pm
Seismic aactivity
It is interesting to watch how the world seismic activity happen in real time! Try it.

9:55 pm
Definitely works to validate my cats!
I have the earthquake meter installed on my systems and it works great. I also have 7 furry biological seismographs. The minute they go high and get their feet off the floor, I check the computers to see who, when, where and how big. You would be surprised at how accurate they are. No matter where in the world, they feel it and the more intense it is, the higher they go. The only suggestion I have is to see if it might possible to include whether it was a vertical or horizontal slip as an option to the information posted on screen. This would be especially helpful for those living in coastal areas.

7:56 pm
Good Gadget
I love this gadget works great for anyone with high speed (Broadband), the only suggestion I have is for people with dial-up there should be a way to limit the history to just a few pages. The gadget wants to update it's history when you connect and on dial-up it really slows things down. It is nice to see city names when the info is displayed, and the Google maps linkup is really cool as well...

5:41 pm
Great Desktop Gadget
This is a fantastic gadget and works great.

4:15 am
Earthquake Monitor
I have had the earthquake monitor on my screen for a long time and now that I am able to adjust the colors for diff. levels of quakes, set an alarm for a level I want to monitor and follow it on google map is fantastic. Love your site. Thanks for everything.

9:54 pm
Earthquake Monitor
I love this gadget so much, I get to see where in the world there are earthquakes happening all the time.

Jim Lahue
7:58 pm
Earthquake Meter 3.1
I have run the Earthquake meter for several months and now updating to version 3.1. I am amazed at the number of earthquakes daily in the US and around the world.
This meter is informative and works well.

Rafael E. Rodriguez-Llinas
6:10 pm
Excellent Class Tool
This gadget is an excellent class tool for the Earth Science Course. I can demonstrate how dynamic the planet is. IN addition, I can show the major seismic zones in real time.

Steven Blamy
4:43 pm
Earthquake Meter
Wow this gadget is great I love it to be able to get first had info and to go to the area in Google earth maps is so cool.

3:53 am
I feel the earth move
Fascinating and exciting to see how active our 'solid' earth is. Sometimes it gets too exciting, when the active is nearby. This gadget is worth paying for even though it's free.

2:09 am
A must have App
Hi and many thanks for this incredibly informative App.I've been using Earthquake meter since V1.0 and have put most of my friends onto it as well. Although I live in Australia where quakes are rare, this doesn't mean were immune to them, so I like to keep on top of what Mother Nature is doing elsewhere on our little globe, besides we Aussies aren't that far from the 'Ring of Fire' and to be forewarned could make a major difference if/when Mother Nature decides to unleash her fury. I think this App should be on every PC and laptop as standard software. You should consider releasing this App for Smart phones?

5:53 pm
Great app. I live in Philippines and is a great device for early warning especially large earthquakes and tsunamies in this part of the world. Thanks!

Richard Tolbert
7:05 pm
This App is the perfect one to keep an eye on the Ring of Fire. It help my research monitoring the world event.

Jim Robinson
8:48 pm
Love the product
Getting real time earthquake information is something that my wife and I like. However gadgets have stopped working on her computer. I still have them and like using the earthquake because I can hear the klaxon even when I am away from the computer. Seeing what is happening in the south pacific beats the news reports.

7:44 am
desktop awesomeness
Cheers folks this is a great little app to keep an eye on the world as it stumbles.

Scot R. Morrison
3:50 pm
Must Gadget For Desktop
Gadget works well at system boot and, on rare occasions, may not load at all however; that's an exception to the rule. Also, as one who lives in California, I especially like its configurable alarm notifications. One of the better gadgets for your desktop sensor array.

8:44 am
Earthquakes 3.0
just installed the last Earthquakes 3.0, I'm using some of your other gadgets and I'm using the 125% display for all. In your last Earthquakes the font are displaying bigger than other gadgets. I would prefer that font keep same size in 125% like other gadgets. You are doing a great job.

4:40 am
Signs of the End Times
Excellent and timely information to check the prophecies. Thank you!

1:05 pm
I love it
baby i like it the way u LOVE it! It's accurate and shows all earthquakes almost as they happen. I am in earthquake country, and I totally rely on this little meter to keep me updated on local activity.

Akemi Mokoto
7:16 am
I love this app. I have mine set up to update every 0.001 seconds and the sound I set it to is pretty nice. I hope this app is developed further. I find the EMSC more useful than USGS. They update faster than the USGS. Keep up the great work!

7:16 am
Very Valuable App
I live in 'The OC' (Southern California) where we have to be ready when the San Andreas Fault starts to 'rock & roll'. Which we are told can at any time. But more than that, there are in excess of a dozen other faults, within miles of any part of the LA - San Diego area that are cocked and ready to fire at any time. Being able to watch the activity around the Pacific Rim is critical factor in being prepared for the 'Big One' the seismologists keep threatening us with.

Mariea Vox
6:14 pm
A Must have for the Well Informed.
There are many things people can download on the internet these days and much of it is free. Sadly we all also get what we pay for most of the time.
Despite this there are always a few gems one happens to come across that more or less become permanently attached to our desktops....this day in age this little gadget has become one of those.
With the sensitivity settings set to -0.1 I can follow even the smallest movements around the world...I have been able to accurately pinpoint trouble areas and make accurate predictions based on the constant data.
I dare sound cliche by saying...This little gadget could well could save your life.

Tony Brookes
2:29 pm
Excellent app, scares living day light`s out of you when it goes off, but at least you know somehting is happening round the world before it`s put on the TV.

0:49 am
This is awesome app !!! I can monitoring earthquakes around the world. I like the alarm means 'standby'. Recommended !!!Thanks.

1:54 am
Earthquakes Meter
LOVE it!!!! It's accurate and shows all earthquakes almost as they happen. I am in earthquake country, and I totally rely on this little meter to keep me updated on local activity.

Beth Aspen
7:47 pm
Love this!
Wonderful app! It's the first thing I check when I turn on my computer. Has a nice sound feature to alert you of any earthquakes based on the criteria you select. I also like the improvements and added options since this was first released. You can adjust the size along with many other features. Highly recommended!

8:15 am
Great Gadget
I have friends and relatives around the Pacific Rim and being able to track sizeable earthquakes is helpful. During the New Zealand Christchurch earthquakes I was in touch with my friends within minutes and was able to check in with them before the cellphone traffic was overwhelmed.
My request would be for an option to visually see the date/time of the earthquake relative to my PC in the list so I know how recent the quakes are without having to open each one to confirm the timeframe.
Great app. Great folks. Thanks.

Bill Braski
2:11 am
This is extremely cool gadget
Click on the place name and out pops the Google map location of quake! Like that I can set magnitude threshold for quake updates and alerts. Love it!

7:49 pm
This Earthquake meter is really an excellent feature on my computer desktop. Conveniently located on the right-bar. Microsoft's gadgets are not a touch against these. Most probably why they dropped their gadgets from their Win 8! Fortunately, I upgraded my computers from Windows 8 to Windows 7. A far more stable, respectable and usable operating system than Windows 8!
Thanks for an excellent product: Earthquake Meter!!

Michael Rogers
12:53 am
I knew there was an earthquake in Japan befor it was on the news hear in Tacoma, Washington. This meter works great!

8:19 pm
very good
I feel more in touch with the world knowing what is happening

L Gerber
4:19 am
Great Gadget!
you can open a bunch of these 2.1 meters and set thenm to different levels and different sources. Lots of adjustment on it. Thx guys for the Gadget i Recomend it to all

7:09 pm
Favourite App!!
I downloaded this out of curiosity with 1.1 and have loved it ever since. I am very much into tracking seismic movement and there it is happening most often and to what degree. Thank you so much for the work and gadget. It's a wonderful addition to my arsenal.

3:33 am
Excellent Gadget!
Love the alarm feature. I find that I get notifications from the Earthquake Meter before USGS sends out their alerts, and I like the fact that I can click on the title bar and immediately get the world map showing all recent quakes. I hate having to dig through various links and web pages for the same thing on USGS.
The only refinement I can think of would be to allow for different alarms based on intensity levels, but it's a great gadget regardless.

Tom May
2:35 am
Excellent - pracical
Been using Earthquake Mtr for last year. Excellent, sailing in northern Malaysia and Southern Thailand, use it to warn me about Earthquakes in Sumatra and the Indian ocean. After the tsunami that killed 250, 000 in 2004, really could be a lifesaver..
Thanks, really handy excellent product..

Nick H
7:55 pm
Cool Gadget
Realy interesting to see our dynamic planets moovment in real time. And sort of morbid waiting for the 7.8 to pop up!?!? LOVE IT!

Lori Clinch Adams
11:39 pm
Love the gadget
I really like this gadget; keeps me up to date on what is happening in the world so I can pray.

2:18 pm

2:27 am
Reality in action!
Excellent view of our dynamic planet! Earthquakes have been going on for 4.3 billion years on this planet...and most people don't realize just how frequent they are, have been [since the planet and its plates first formed] and will continue to be. Remember, 400 million years ago, all the land masses were in one continent - Pangea. All those quakes add up!

M. Nelson
11:38 am
Great App.
Very nice to have on my computer especially these days seeing where the action is.

Sandra P.
11:49 pm
Great gadget!
I downloaded & opened this gadget in Mid July. In the early hours of the morning (shortly thereafter while surfing the web) my area had an earthquake. I was able to know and inform my relatives (the magnitude of the quake) before the news had the info. They were surprised that I knew so quickly. It is also great to know if when I think I feel the 'earth move' whether that movement was an earthquake or not. When I am able to, I will donate something in appreciation for this and the other gadgets I use!

8:53 pm
Great App!
I find this earthquake app very interesting. I am intrigued by how on one hand there are so many small/moderate earthquakes mostly in the same specific areas but also that there are fewer BIG earthquakes than i had expected and even fewer effecting populated areas (which is a relief). Obviously some do hit and have a tragic impact on local people occasionally. Like others on here i am also expecting a 'big' one to occur sooner or later that really will shake the planet (which is part of Gaia's plan to heal the planet - it's a bit like when i heal people, they twitch and jerk sometimes as energies re-balance themselves out - Planet Earth is the same - it needs some twitching to occur to correct build ups of energy etc here and there.

11:22 pm
Earthquakes Meter Version 2.0
love this gadget, love to see where the earthquakes are in my area and how often they happen.

Dennis H.
7:46 pm
Home Watch
I'm an disaster coordinator in Northern California and earthquakes are a fact of life in California and because of my job I like to monitor them and I love this earthquake meter. I look at it every day and with the ability to look at the location on the earth map is fantastic...
Thank you!

Sri Ram
5:03 pm
Great App
The recent quake in Costa Rica showed up on my app and I was immediately able to find out if my brother was in the quake area. He wasn't. The app save me a ton of worry.

Marie Jacqueline
1:38 am
SUPER COOL..! Really love to see where it is happening on our Mother Earth..

Bharat Naik
7:17 am
Earthquakes Meter Versotion 1.2
Verry Good
When I rebuilt my computer the two things I put on first was my earthquake gadget and my weather ones. I go into withdrawal if I don't see it on my desktop. Some of the big quakes six months ago I could just click and look at the trends and magnitude. I call myself a desktop apps as a rule, but this one sits below my little local weather app on my desktop--always open! I appreciate the work you put into it, and the awareness it brings of how alive the earth is.

Michael Johnson
4:02 pm
Great Gadget
This is a great gadget. I knew the earth was always rumbling and rolling, but this puts a better perspective on how often earthquakes actually happen and how often they get reported on the news. I keep this on my laptop desktop to monitor throughout the day. Thanks for creating and updating this valuable tool.

8:11 pm
Earthquake Meter
Super, great smashing and just what we need prior to 21 December 2012!

April Knight
3:39 am
Earthquake Meter
I really, really like this gadget. It's very accurate and convenient to have right on my desktop. One of my favorites

Deborah Criddle
2:50 pm
Love this app. Especially living in earthquake country as we like to call it. Thank you.

capt jer
9:42 pm
Great program, never has given me a problem.

7:58 pm
Awesome gadget!
I found this during it's initial release and have fun with it. Even have it on my work computer now. Oklahoma suddenly got on the 'earthquake map' when we had 3 big quakes within a few days. There are so many more that we never feel. I knew we had them all the time, but it's fun to see how more often they occur than you realize and how widespread around the world they are. Thanks for this fun gadget!

10:16 pm
Good gadget, and I don't like desktop gadgets!
Really like this gadget. Works great and doesn't seem to mess up the operations of Windows. (Most gadgets/widgets do). Other people's suggestions are good. We have had a lot of quakes in Oklahoma in the past nine months, one being 5.6 magnitude, with others 2.5 or better. We are averaging about a quake or two a week. It's a real trip when the whole room moves back and forth under you. But this gadget helps me monitor what is going on. Thanks.

2:26 pm
I've been using this gaget for over a year .... very good, wish it was a full program.

9:22 am
I love having this on my desktop. Thanks to the inventor of it.
Great Information and I didn't know the earth moves alot of the times we dont even feel it.

8:11 am
earthquakes meter
i love it it think its awesome and always updates.

8:12 pm
Earthquake app
I love this for a fast view to watch for a pattern while online. I find it interesting and fun. Works great and since the huge EQ here in Alaska I always keep an eye out just in case :)

arif welkin
7:49 am
this app is wonderfull . it can help us. so i like it too much.

Sharlene Bliss
4:49 pm
Perpetual Motion
LOVE THIS GADGET! The Earth is always shifting and changing. This is a great reminder. Due to a virus I had to return my laptop to factory condition. Wiped out everything. This gadget was the first thing I put back!

Murray Stone
3:08 pm
love earthquakes gadget
I love this gadget, which serves as a constant reminder that the planet is an active, ever-changing system and not just a bunch of pieces of land floating around stagnantly.

Clara L. Ferguson
10:30 pm
Great Earthquake Notices
I love this gadget. I have it installed on my office desktop so I can do a quick review of all recent quakes first thing in the morning. It's easy to read and I've actually received notices of current quakes on the gadget ahead of my e-mail notices from USGS.

8:52 pm
One of the most interesting gadgets I've seen, amazing to me that the earth shakes so many times in one day, I check this often.

CJ Bomar
2:16 am
Interested in World Events
Appreciate having this information and being able to refresh and to stay abreast of where and when they are happening. Strictly a novice but certainly someone that is interested in natural events that affect mankind. Nice tool.

5:46 pm
Great app but one request
I love the basic simplicity of the meter, then you (for people like me who didn't read the page first) find out about the map popout and the world map showing all of the locations. The one request I have is that there be the ability to scroll back and review a history of the quakes for, say, a 24 hour period or the last 50/100 events.

4:28 pm
I have been using Earthquake Meter for over a year..., it's just plain great. Would love to see it evolve into a full tracking program.

Steve Reekie
12:14 am
Very accurate
A great gadget to monitor, although it seems to pick up smaller earthquakes in the US regions & miss some larger ones in other areas (ie New Zealand)

Ed Isaacs
8:42 pm
Excellent product
I like tracking earthquakes and it helps me in my job (Disaster Recovery).

Steven Rowley
2:02 pm
Earthquake Meter
This gadget stays up on my desktop all the time. I look at this everyday and keep up with the changes in our mother earth.

Jesse Andrews
11:51 pm
Earthquake meter
I enjoy keeping up on the earthquakes around the world. I like seeing the patterns they make around the world. Keeps me interested.

9:12 am
Excellent gadget
Would be better if it caused a localized earthquake of magnitude 4+ in the room where the computer is everytime a new quake was detetced :)

12:12 am
7 out of 10
this is a pretty cool gadget. kids really like it especialy my nephue. when he sees that there's a quake nereby he swears he can feel the aftershocks. i think it just his brain trying to come to a stop!!

1:59 pm
I look at this everyday and take a keen interest in global earth changes.

8:13 am
Good, but I would like sound
Wonderful Gadget, just wish I could configure an audio file to play whenever a new entry is posted =)

Patsy Gibbs
5:41 pm
handy to have on desktop. Both my adult kids live in Calif, and I like knowing where and when the earth shakes for them. It is also interesting to see the little shakes which occur in the midwest... Who knew?

11:56 am
The Best
I really love this. It is the coolest gadget I have or have had. The amount of earthquakes is unbelievable.

Jesus A Fandino
19:16 pm
This is great I get to know first than the news station keep it up

12:42 pm
This is the best earthquake gadget I've seen. The maps are the real reasons I would go through my browser to see exactly where. Yours shows perfectly and the +/- is great for more info on where.
Even though we can't predict earthquakes, I've researched them for many years as a hobby since I was a kid growing up in SoCal.
Thank you for a Great product!

8:40 am
It is not possible to predict earthquakes, this gadget don't protect you from earthquakes, it only tells you where it already happened.

Menachem G
8:40 am
Earthquake widget
Fascinating to see how frequently the earth shakes, and where!

7:12 pm
Must have
When I rebuilt my computer the two things I put on first was my earthquake gadget and my weather ones. I go into withdrawal if I don't see it on my desktop. Some of the big quakes six months ago I could just click and look at the trends and magnitude. I call myself ad decided to stay home that evening, because of what I'd said. People were hurt in that quake.
A fantastic gadget even only to look at. I've had all my friends get it. :)

12:34 pm
Earthquake Meter
I really had no idea that we had so many little earthquakes in a day. I like being informed about this and it is sometimes so accurate that I get the alert before you hear about it on the news. WOW.

E Thornotn
8:09 pm
Cool update to this gadget
It would be really cool to see the last few earthquakes animated on the global map. That way one might be able to see if one quake is affected by another.

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