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If you want to watch DirecTV outside US on your desktop then download the executable file for that platform. Then install the VPN app from the downloaded file. Then run the VPN app. After that input your VPN credentials. Your VPN service provider will provide you with these in a confirmation email. AT&T TV is streamed over the internet, and DIRECTV is beamed via satellite in the sky. We think AT&T TV is the better choice of the two for TV service because it gives you a lot of essential channels for a lower price than DIRECTV, and there’s less equipment to deal with (satellite dishes on the roof are so 2010).

You can bundle your DIRECTV service with AT&T Internet (as long as AT&T offers internet service in your area). Bundling AT&T Internet and satellite TV together can save you $10 per month. DIRECTV used to bundle with other internet providers, but now the only official bundles are with AT&T.

If AT&T Internet isn’t available where you live, you probably have other internet options as well. You can quickly find all available internet options available to you by typing your zip code into our search tool.

Some areas have half a dozen internet options to pair with your DIRECTV service, while others have just a few. And if you live in a rural or hard-to-reach area, you’ll probably be able to get internet from a satellite provider. In some locations, satellite internet is the only internet option.

There aren’t any satellite internet and TV bundles, since these services are offered by different companies, but getting both is still a good idea if you live in a remote or rural area.

For $99.99, you can get DIRECTV’s ENTERTAINMENT package plus AT&T Internet 100 for $99.99 per month for the first 12 months (this offer is good until 6/12/2021). If you want to get the scoop on channels included in this package, head over to attsavings.com.

You can get HughesNet or Viasat satellite internet service along with DIRECTV, but it isn’t technically a bundle. You’ll need to sign up with each service separately, but they complement each other well. Using satellite TV service along with satellite internet will cut down on the need for video streaming in your household, saving you a lot of money in internet data costs.

Which satellite internet should I get with DIRECTV?

We recommend Viasat over HughesNet for most satellite internet users, since Viasat speeds are faster in many areas. Viasat also offers more data on average—up to 300 GB per month with the biggest Viasat plan. Of course, you can’t get faster speeds and more data without paying more—Viasat prices are slightly higher than HughesNet (with the exception of Viasat’s slow Liberty plans, which top out at 12 Mbps).

For more information, check out our Viasat, HughesNet, and satellite TV service reviews.

Keep in mind that subscribing to satellite TV and satellite internet will require the installation of two separate dishes from two different companies.

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Channel count
DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT + AT&T Internet$89.99*100 Mbps160+
DIRECTV CHOICE™ + AT&T Internet$104.99*100 Mbps185+
DIRECTV ULTIMATE + AT&T Internet$109.99*100 Mbps250+

*ENTERTAINMENT 1-YR BUNDLE PRICE: Ends 6/12/21. Pricing for first 12 mos. only. After 12 mos. or loss of eligibility, then prevailing rates apply (currently $157.00/mo for ENTERTAINMENT Pkg ($102/mo.) + Internet ($55/mo.), unless cancelled or changed prior to end of the promo period. Prices as of 4/26/2021 for 12 months plus taxes & internet equip. fee. w/ 24-mo. TV agmt & combined bill. Autopay & Paperless bill req’d. TV price higher in 2nd year. $10/mo. internet equip. fee applies.

Any of these bundles give you a discount on AT&T 100 Mbps internet service, which is usually $45 per month. If you’re a football fan, we recommend you select CHOICE or ULTIMATE, either of which give you a free year of NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

Enjoy endless entertainment with DIRECTV satellite television.

DIRECTV offers top-tier entertainment with hundreds of channels and a wide range of packages. The included DIRECTV Genie HD DVR records hours of your favorite programs and lets you watch them whenever you want.

Plus, DIRECTV is the only place you’ll find NFL SUNDAY TICKET, which provides every out-of-market NFL game, every Sunday. With so many entertainment options, there will always be something good to watch on DIRECTV. Learn more about satellite TV service on our DIRECTV review page.

Although there are only a few satellite TV and internet bundle discounts, there are several ways to get high-speed internet with your DIRECTV service. We recommend that you find the best solution for your home, whether or not you’ll get a bundle discount. Because good internet and good TV are a great combination.

No, DIRECTV does not offer satellite internet service, but you can bundle DIRECTV with AT&T internet. DIRECTV is owned by AT&T, so if you live in an area with AT&T Internet, you can get both services and save $10 per month.

What DIRECTV internet speed can I get with an AT&T bundle?

You can get AT&T Internet speeds up to 100 Mbps with a DIRECTV and internet bundle.

How much does it cost to get internet service paired with DIRECTV?

The price for DIRECTV and internet bundles starts at $94.98 per month (which includes internet and DIRECTV satellite TV service). You can bundle AT&T Internet service with any DIRECTV plan.

No, you can’t get an internet-only plan from DIRECTV (since DIRECTV doesn’t offer internet service), but you can get internet from AT&T, Viasat, HughesNet, or another provider in your area to use along with your DIRECTV service.

To get a list of internet providers in your area, type your zip code below.

“Will DIRECTV upgrade my receiver for free?” Signal Connect answers this question and shares more details about DIRECTV upgrades for existing customers.

A DIRECTV equipment upgrade for free is what many viewers want. Maybe they’re using an older DVR and hope to get a DIRECTV upgrade to Genie for free. Or perhaps they’re hoping to land a DIRECTV free HD upgrade. For those who dare to dream, there’s the wish for a free DIRECTV upgrade to 4K. As an AT&T Preferred Dealer, Signal Connect explains each of these DIRECTV upgrade offers. We also let you know who’s eligible for a free upgrade. If you’re not, we can match you with any of AT&T’s DIRECTV upgrade deals for existing customers.

DIRECTV Genie Free Upgrade

Is a DIRECTV Genie upgrade something you need? It is if you have one of about 60 older receiver models still in use today. As of early 2018, the DIRECTV Genie is the DVR system that all future DIRECTV technology will be based on. Among its many features and benefits, the Genie DVR lets you record five things at once, it also saves you money on your electric bill. Other Genie benefits include customized recommendations, many pre-downloaded movies, and DVR function on every TV. You don’t get any of this with those ancient receivers, which means you might qualify for a DIRECTV upgrade to Genie for free.

DIRECTV HD Upgrade for Free

DIRECTV HD, also known as high definition, is one of the most popular DIRECTV upgrades. It’s also the standard for satellite TV programming, so much so that people just call it “DIRECTV.” AT&T is getting rid of its SD programming in 2019. The communications giant will put one of its SD satellites into a parking orbit and just let it die. If you haven’t gotten an upgrade to HD, you should do it soon. You might even qualify for a DIRECTV free HD upgrade!

DIRECTV 4K Upgrade for Free?

DIRECTV 4K is AT&T’s highest quality satellite TV programming, bar none. A DIRECTV upgrade to 4K is available to those who are ready to have the best of the best. As far as a free upgrade to 4K ultra HD TV, that might be a bit more difficult. This is the highest evolution of DIRECTV’s satellite TV service, there’s a small chance you might get a free upgrade. Even a small chance is better than nothing, right? You also might be able to save big on 4K programming and equipment upgrades with a DIRECTV upgrade offer.

“Will DIRECTV Upgrade My Receiver for Free?”


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At the end of the day, that’s still the question on everyone’s minds. We get it. Who doesn’t love the word “free?” Truthfully, a free DIRECTV upgrade package is rare but not unheard of. To get it, you must be eligible according to AT&T’s rules. For example, your upgrade must consist of the same number of TVs as your current installation. You also must currently be paying AT&T’s Advanced Receiver Services fee. As an AT&T Preferred Dealer, we can check to see if you quality for one of AT&T’s DIRECTV free upgrades for existing customers.

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DIRECTV Upgrade Packages from Signal Connect

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If a free DIRECTV upgrade offer isn’t in the cards, don’t panic. Signal Connect wants you to keep enjoying your favorite news, sports, and entertainment. If you’re still using an old receiver and/or watching SD programming, we’ll help you upgrade before this old technology goes dark. All you have to do is give us a call at 866.726.4182. The Signal Connect customer support team will answer your questions and match you with a DIRECTV upgrade package.