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Having a reliable text editor for all your work documents is a must. Microsoft Office gives you access to the essentials, such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. With these tools in hand, you'll complete almost any task.

An all-in-one program

Microsoft Office 2019 is available for Windows 8 and up as well as Mac OS X 12.4. Is there a better alternative? There isn’t a better bundle of tools available except for the 365 version which costs more money. If you’d like a free solution that has cloud storage, then Google Drive is a great option.

Microsoft Office 2019 is one of the most popular text editors for any workplace environment.

Microsoft provides your base operating system as well as some great tools to work within your office and for any projects you have, school, or otherwise. Offering tools that you can’t go without on your desktop, Office 2019 gives you access to PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. These three programs will let you document, present and capture any data you come across on the job.

All the tools available, including Microsoft Outlook, are at one price that you’ll only have to pay once. There’s no subscription or recurring charges to worry about; your focus will be just on the projects you’re creating. There are of course benefits to buying Office 365, but this will cost you more in the long run. If you’d like cloud support, then you’ll need to invest in 365, given that the 2019 version is unable to sync with the cloud.

The newer versions of programs stored in Microsoft Office 2019 will be slightly confusing if you’re still on the 2007 or older editions. But, if you’d like to have your Word and other programs updating every month, you will again need to purchase the 365 pack.

With the one-off payment, you can get this industry-standard work environment that has enhanced security compared to previous versions.

Where can you run this program?

Microsoft Office 2019 is available for Windows 8 and up as well as Mac OS X 12.4.

Is there a better alternative?

No. There isn’t a better bundle of tools available except for the 365 version which costs more money. If you’d like a free solution that has cloud storage, then Google Drive is a great option.

Our take

Microsoft Office 2019 is a great set of programs that gives all the tools you need to get to work on your desktop. The cost might set you back a bit, though.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for a complete suite of tools for all sorts of projects, this is one of the best choices out there.


  • Industry standard
  • One-time purchase
  • Enhanced security


  • New versions can be confusing
  • No monthly updates
  • Limited cloud support

Microsoft Office 2019for Windows


There is a load of graphics that are included in the videos and content that we see in our day to day life. The graphics definitely gives a cutting edge in understanding the content that we create much better. There is a lot of software out there that help us in creating graphical content, but there is a hand few of software that is loaded with features that will help in detailing every aspect of the content that creates and one such software is definitely CorelDRAW.

There are a lot of added software tools that were released along with CorelDRAW but one exclusively dedicated software to create and indulge graphics into your content is CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.


File Size
1.4GB / 877MB





CorelDRAW Graphics suite is one of the most dedicated suites that will help you in designing the most out of your videos and content. The software is loaded with a ton load of features that will help you in designing each and every corner of the graphics that you want to include in the projects that you create.

The software also has updated toolset that is updated on a regular basis and that includes online tools that can be used if connected to the internet. The features that are included along with the software that makes it top-notch include;

1. Fonts and Filters are more fun

Windows 10 free install 2019

There are a lot of useful fonts and filters that are added to the toolset of the new version of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. We all know that graphics included in texts make it a really attractive element to bring the most out of your content. There are in-built fonts and filters that you can work with or if you are a person who wants to create projects out of the box, then you can actually download fonts and filters are export them into CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

Install Windows 10 free. download full Version 2019

The fonts can be added to the layers and the same is applicable to the filter giving a unique perspective to all the content that you create using the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

2. Revamped PRO tools

Now the CorelDRAW packs a feature where the user can actually use any kind of tool to create graphics. These tools are referred to as PRO tools that are mostly understood by professionals who are used to creating and editing graphics using the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

Another cool feature with the CorelDRAW graphics suite is that the software is adaptable to almost any kind of user. If you are a beginner Graphics suite can be revamped according to your needs.

3. Enhanced Pen and touch featurettes

When it comes to graphics, everything comes down to how you can actually put the elements that you actually think into creating the content in the software. If the input that you wish to put in the software isn’t proper, then the full potential of the content that you are creating using Graphic suite won’t be at its best. That is why CorelDRAW has revamped the touch and pen feature so that the user can actually input exactly what he feels into it.

4. Multi-Monitor and format support

Now when it comes to the media platform and creating the content, the creator always wants to know how his output turns out. That means the creator must see the performance of the content across multiple screens of different resolutions or the same resolution. The reality is that many of the graphic editing and creating software out there won’t support multiple monitor output support to see the actual performance and that is where the CorelDRAW graphics suite fundamentally differs.

The new feature includes a multi-monitor support where the user can actually visually enhance the performance of the content by running it on multiple software.

5. The Live Sketch Tool

The Live sketch tool is probably one of the most buying factors for many of the users out there to get into the CorelDRAW graphics suite. This feature enables the software to adapt to the style of the user and allows smart stroke editing giving complete freedom to the creator.

There is also a feature where you can adjust the timer of stroke eliminating the need for tracing. The system is also connected to a neural network so that the output of your content is regulated and auto-saved on a continuous basis.

System requirements

Windows 10 Free Install 2019 Version

  • Operating system: Windows 7 and above (compatible with both 32 and 64-bit)
  • 1GB free disk space
  • 1280 X 720 resolution
  • RAM requirement: minimum of 2 GB
  • Microsoft.Net Framework 4.6

If you want to use the advanced features of CorelDRAW, the best solution that we have to offer is to use a Microsoft Surface device and an input stylus. This will give you the full look and feel of the software. The same can be obtained using the creation of a similar graphic dedicated device.

Windows 10 Free Install 2019 Download

Download CorelDRAW Graphics suite latest edition for windows

Windows 10 Free Install 2019

The download file can be downloaded from the link mentioned below and make sure that you meet the minimum requirements of the software before you install them to avoid the software from crashing down pretty often while using.