Xfinity Home Free Installation

Complete Home System. $20/mo for 24 months, or a one-time payment of $480. For homes with multiple doors or windows. Xfinity Home app, simple home control. 1 touchscreen controller. 5 door/window sensors. 1 pet-friendly motion sensor. 1 wireless keypad. 1 HD indoor/outdoor Xfinity Camera. Getting set up has never been easier. Here's how to install and activate your Xfinity Prepaid Internet Service. Get assistance for your Xfinity; self-install kit, as well as instructions for self service activation, installation help, troubleshooting, and much more! Xfinity For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript.

  1. Xfinity Home Security Free Installation

Xfinity Home Security Pricing. Xfinity Home systems can be a bit pricey if you don’t bundle. They offer two main equipment packages and two monitoring plans. You can finance the equipment packages interest-free for 24 months, costing you only $15 or $20 per month, depending on the kit you choose. Installation — $40 or free self-installation Xfinity charges a one-time fee of $40 if you want to have a professional come to your home to set up your internet. But you can also choose the free self-installation option, where Xfinity sends you a Getting Started kit and you set up service on your own using the Xfinity app.

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Maybe you were about to sign up with Xfinity Internet service but got stuck between deciding whether to self-install or let a professional do the work. If any of this sounds familiar, this guide will show you how it’s done.

Installing and activating the service might be a piece of cake for some. However, the real question to ask yourself is if you are ready to deal with the unexpected problems that may arise during installation? Don’t fret, let’s walk you through both processes to figure out which one’s best.

Xfinity Home Security Free Installation

How to Self-Install Xfinity Internet?

When signing up for Xfinity’s services, customers have the option to order the self-install kit either on the phone or online. This kit is mailed to your home address. The provider charges $15 for shipping the equipment along with the instructions.

If you don’t want to wait for the Self-install kit to be mailed to your address, you can always pick the kit from a nearby customer service center.

What’s Inside the Kit?

Here are the items you will find in the Xfinity Installation kit:

  • XFi Wireless Gate modem or router
  • Coaxial cable
  • Power Cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • Manual for getting started
  • Policy documentation
  • Return labels (in case you want to return the kit)

How to Get Started?


Check your kit for the items mentioned above. Once everything is there, you are now ready for the installation so you can start enjoying your Xfinity bundle deals:

Step 1: Connect the Coaxial Cable

Take the coaxial cable and connect one of its end to the wall socket. Twist until it’s tight.

Step 2: Connect the Cable to the Router/Modem

Now take the other end of the cable and place it in the coaxial input on the xFi Wireless gateway. Make sure it’s tight.

Step 3: Plug the Power Cable

Take the power cable and plug one of its ends into the getaway as well. Plug its other end into an outlet.

Step 4: Wait for the Gateway to Turn On

This should power your getaway. If it doesn’t, double-check all the connections and press the power button.

Step 5: Watch the Light

The online connection light will turn on after this. This might take up to 20 minutes.

You’re almost done….

Setting Up the Network

This is the trickiest part of the self-installation. After setting the equipment, you must also set up as well as configure the network for connecting the devices. These steps will make it easier:

Create the Network Name

Create an SSID (network name) and password for your network. Usually, the network name along with the password is mentioned on your router. Sometimes, more than one network name is listed. That simply means you can choose either.

Click on the Wi-Fi Settings

Go to the Wi-Fi settings of your device and choose the SSID name from the available networks.

Type the Password to Connect

Enter the password and you are done.

Use an Ethernet Cable

Instead of creating a wireless network, you can also directly connect your device to the Internet via an Ethernet connection. For that, plug an Ethernet cable into one of the ports on the device. Plug the other end of the cable into your device and that’s all!

Activate the Service

Hooking up the equipment and cables is one half of the equation. The other half is to activate the service. There are 4 ways of activating your service:

  • Got to the official website and visit the activation page
  • Call (1-855-652-3446) for service activation
  • Activate from your TV (For Xfinity TV Packages)
  • Download and install the xFi mobile app

Calling a Professional for Xfinity Installation

Does the self-installation process sound overwhelming? No problem, opt for professional installation instead.

You can schedule the appointment for professional installation at the time of ordering your services. This costs up to $89.99. It takes almost 2 hours for the technician to install your equipment as well as activate the service. If your home is not wired for Xfinity cable already, it may even take up to 4 hours.

Installation Checklist

Xfinity recommends its customers to prepare the following checklist before scheduling an appointment for professional installation:

  • Prepare all TVs or PCs at the time of installation
  • Make all cable outlets accessible
  • Have an 18-year-old and older present during the installation
  • Keep the modem, router, wireless cards, and other equipment ready
  • Place the TV sets or entertainment 3 to 5 feet away from the wall
  • Make the exterior cable connection accessible
  • Move all pets away when the technician is home

Self-Installation Vs Professional Installation

Self-InstallationProfessional Installation
The ProsIt’s free; only shipping charges applyThe technician handles all technical issues as they arise
More compatible with your schedule
No appointment required
Self-InstallationProfessional Installation
The ConsNot recommended for customers with limited technical knowledgeRequires appointment
The service is costly

Summing Up

Choosing between professional or self Xfinity Installation is easy. If you are a busy person and you trust a professional, choose professional installation. On the contrary, if your house is wired for Xinfity service already and you have some technical knowledge as well, self-activate your service and save some bucks!